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Story Telling


Miss Alice, as featured by the Winston-Salem Journal, The Arts Sunday section. Find article and video clip here: Winston-Salem Journal 


About my story telling

In 2014, I added my storytelling venue to my list of ventures.

I began as a volunteer telling stories to children in local schools.  I might arrive wearing my red coat and do Little Red Riding Hood, bringing my stuffed wolf.

Then I began writing stories of my own life and began performing them as

"Growing Up in the 1950's."  I offer those here at Alice's Place in an intimate playhouse setting, followed by tea party refreshments.  You can schedule a private storytelling party of up to 22 people, or reserve a couple of seats  at my next show, joining others from the community.  All of my stories are clean, but most enjoyed by adults, especially seniors.

I can also perform them at retirement homes, church groups, or ladies groups and bring hats for everyone to wear during the show.

I am a member and officer of NCSG

(North Carolina Storytelling Guild.)

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