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About Me


A Word from "Miss Alice"

I have always loved fashion:  Fashions for the home, fashion for myself.

In 1978, I began business as Alice Cunningham Interiors, decorating homes, offering consultation, window treatments, helping people make their homes more attractive.

I am still offering this service along with smaller sewing projects as well.


In 1996, I added another phase of fashion: Alice's Place: Tea Parties for Girls & Ladies.

I start girls at age 4 on up.  Each party begins with a manners  lesson, then everyone gets dressed up (Mothers too if they like).  Then we take photographs, followed by our tea party.

Parties for ladies are similar, but without the manners lesson!

We have over 200 dresses to fit all sizes from size 4 girls, to adult ladies size 4X.

All sorts of great accessories as well.


I can do a party as small as  Mother & Daughter (2) , or up to 22.


In 2014, I added another venue:  Storytelling.

I began as a volunteer telling stories to children in local schools.  I might arrive wearing my red coat and do Little Red Riding Hood, bringing my stuffed wolf.

Then I began writing stories of my own life and began performing them as

"Growing Up in the 1950's."  I offer those here at Alice's Place in an intimate playhouse setting, followed by tea party refreshments.  You can schedule a private storytelling party of up to 22 people, or reserve a couple of seats  at my next show, joining others from the community.  All of my stories are clean, but most enjoyed by adults, especially seniors.

I can also perform them at retirement homes, church groups, or ladies groups and bring hats for everyone to wear during the show.


Contact Miss Alice  (336) 724-9667

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